PianoDisc Prodigy

Price: £4750.00

PianoDisc Prodigy is the latest Player System from PianoDisc. Price installed to an Upright or Grand Piano from £4750 + VAT. Quotation on requ

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Adsilent System

Price: £1895.00

An exellent specification Silent System for Grand or Upright Pianos. PrIce £1895-£2495 fitted. Quotation on request.

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Genio Premium Alpha

Price: £1295.00

Genio Premium Alpha for Upright or Grand Pianos. Price from £1295-£1895 including fitting. Quotation on request.

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Genio Essence

Price: £995.00

A silent system for upright piano. Cost between £995-£1295 including installation. Quotation on request.

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Rosler 126

Price: £5995.00

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Feurich 122

Price: £4495.00

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Steinway Model O

Price: £17500.00

A Steinway Model O from 1912/13 in Mahogany. An excellent example family owned from new. Original top action overhauled and new strings, pins, dampers, bushings,etc. 

Work being curren

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Yamaha U1

Price: £7780.00

A new Japanese manufactured Yamaha U1 in Black Polyester

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Waldstein 118 Black

Price: £4795.00

A new Waldstein 118

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Price: £7150.00

Reconditioned Schiedmeyer of Stuttgart 168cm Grand. Reconditioned in our workshop, action overhauled, new Roslau strings and Klinke pins.

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Yamaha U3 A

Price: £4995.00

A selection of 2 1980s U3 AUprights manufactured in Hamamatsu and being reconditioned in our workshop. Available at our Bovingdon showroom.

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Yamaha YUX

Price: £6450.00

This Japanese manufactured 1980's Yamaha UX has a strong and clear sound. Fully reconditioned in our workshop. 

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Price: £6250.00

Soundboard and wrest plank in good condition. New Roslau Strings, Klinke pins, bearing felt, damper felts and key bushings. Action overhauled.

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Yamaha G3 E

Price: £7950.00

A reconditioned 1978-9 Yamaha G3 (Hamamatsu). An outstanding example in excellent condition.

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Price: £5650.00


A late 19th Centuary Steinway 132cm Upright. Ebonised Casework with a warm resonant sound. 


Restoration in process - please enquire for availability<

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Bechstein Model 7

Price: £5750.00

Restoration in process - please enquire for availability

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