Yamaha U3 M

Price: £3995.00

A 1982 U3 M Uprights manufactured in Hamamatsu and reconditioned in our workshop.

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Yamaha YUX

Price: £5650.00

This Japanese manufactured 1980's Yamaha UX has a strong and clear sound. Fully reconditioned in our workshop. 

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W Hagemoser, Berlin

Price: £1875.00

An early 20th century Berlin manufactured full size Upright reconditioned in our workshop.

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RIch. Lipp of Stuttgart

Price: £3950.00

A Rich. Lipp of Stuttgart 1920s double crown upright. Currently being reconditioned in our workshop - ready early May (action overhauled, keyboard restored and alligned, casework stripped and polis

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Petrof P118 P1

Price: £5375.00

A recent Petrof P118 P1 in Black polyester finish. 

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Price: £1995.00

A 1990s Chappell Upright. Manufactured in England with a Langer action. One owner and very little use from new so hammers have been refaced/voiced and action fine regulated. 


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Bechstein Model IV Upright

Price: £3250.00

A Bechstein Model IV Upright. Original Keys restored, casework repolished, action overhauled, new and rebushed hammer and lever section centre pins, leathers and tapes. 


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Yamaha U1 H

Price: £2795.00

A Selection of 8 Yamaha U1 H s manufactured Hamamatsu 1972-1980. Prices £2795-£3495

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Yamaha U1 E Upright

Price: £2575.00

A reconditioned 1971 U1 with a medium touch, impressive sound and good projection.

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Yamaha U3 X Upright

Price: £4795.00

A Yamaha U3 X Upright, Manufactured late 70s Hamamatsu.

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Yamaha U3 Upright

Price: £2995.00

A selection of 2 Yamaha U3s manufactured Hamamatsu between 1970 and 1975. Price £2995-£3250.

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Yamaha U3 H Upright

Price: £3495.00

A Selection of 4 Yamaha U3 H Uprights manufactured between 1974 and 1980. Fully reconditioned in our workshop. Price from £3495-£3795.

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Bechstein Model 9

Price: £3950.00

A rich warm Bechstein Model 9 reconditioned in our workshop.

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